About Caroline

Therapeutic Spiritual Coach for Women

Hi. I'm so grateful you're here...

My journey to becoming the person I am today has certainly seen me dust myself off & get back up many times. I've made mistakes & failed at things. I’ve lived through the challenges of anxiety, relationships issues & female health diagnoses. Yet these struggles don't define me. In fact I've learnt a lot through all my experiences & discovered plenty to lead me to being the person I am today & I’m proud to have created a platform that helps women lead meaningful lives.

Spirituality guided me to understand the powerful choices I had within me. I chose to shift my mindset in all the ways I wanted. I built up courage, peace, hope, resilience & compassion through my life experiences. I gained a new version of myself that knew I could achieve anything.

It's this spiritual path that led me to living my best life. It's what gifted me the opportunity to create She Can Shine.

Who am I?

I’m a regular gal who loves yoga & wine…though not at the same time! I suspect I wear too much loungewear. I’m a self-love activist & personal development junkie. I adore learning. I’ve always got a book or two on the go. Pottering in my garden when the sun shines inspires me. I believe in trusting my intuition, meditation, creativity, feminism & that the colour pink genuinely warms my soul!

My life is filled with continuous spiritual development, plenty of walking & discovering nature in London. Travelling is my freedom. Exploring the Greek islands is my paradise. Oh & I’m forever dreaming about getting a dog…

How I can help you...

I value the importance of being heard & accepted, of having someone on your side, free of judgements & creating a trusting relationship that truly supports you. I'm committed to you in coming into your alignment. I’m passionate about spiritual mindset growth, setting intentions, letting go of limiting beliefs & loving yourself; so together we can create a life you love.

Working together can help you make the changes you need to discover your purpose, get in flow, support your self-care, create healthy boundaries, release your inner strength, step into your light & shine your brightest!

I believe you're always enough, you always have choices & you have everything within you to make the changes you desire. You simply need someone to guide you towards the light.

I trust you've found me for a reason. You desire some big shifts. You’re ready. I’m ready to support you. Let’s do this.

Caroline x

The Anxious Spiritual Seekers Guide to Living your Best Life

Helping you rethink anxiety and attract your dream life

  • Affirmations that work

  • How to manifest your dream life

  • The secret to raise your vibrations

  • Best book list for healing & growth

  • The anxiety STOP system

  • The fulfilment quiz

  • Life review worksheet

Professional Information


BA (Hons) Person-Centred Counselling

Therapeutic Coaching Certificate

Counselling Diploma

Positive Psychology Certificate

Neurolinguistic Practitioner (NLP)

Nature Therapy Certificate

Writing for Well-being


Public & Professional Insurance

ICO Registered (GDPR compliant)

DBS Certificate

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