Let’s work together to

create a life you love

Who is this for?

For every woman who feels anxious, stuck, and overwhelmed, who desires positive change and spiritual transformation for SUCCESS in their life yet doesn't know where to begin.

You’re in the right place if…

  • You're fed up with the busy-ness all the time

  • Juggling all your commitments is taking its toll

  • You're feeling anxious, stressed and uninspired day by day

  • Being exhausted by your never ending to-do list overwhelms you

  • You wish there was a pause button for life while you actually figure life out

  • Starting but not finishing things seems to be the story of your life

Going round and round...

Deep down, you crave a life full of peace and purpose. Yet somehow, it feels so far out of reach. Perhaps you're struggling with a life transition, something out of your control.

And it’s not that you haven’t tried. You have. But nothing quite stuck.

Maybe you kept a journal, wrote down some goals (that didn’t quite work out), started some yoga or affirmations yet you didn’t feel committed and before you knew it, your intentions were out the window...

It feels as though the more you try to create positive changes towards the life you desire, it gets overwhelming and hazy. Then you feel like you’re failing before you’ve even really begun. The guilt steps in, anxiety peaks and you’re right back where you began.

But trust me, it doesn’t have to be this way anymore...

You see, we’re born with everything we need to achieve our dreams.

Yet life comes with challenges and struggles that creates distance to our intentions and goals.

We subconsciously hold onto belief systems that no longer serve us. This can leave us feeling 'not enough' and stuck.

So how would it feel to discover and release all the things holding you back so you can make the changes you need to truly shine; for life to feel easy and effortless?

“Amazing! Yes please!” I hear you shout!

Well I can help you do just that; to become the wondrous woman you were born to be!

How do I know this is right for me?

  • You're fed up of feeling stuck and don't know where to begin

  • You're craving clarity in your life

  • You know you're ready to put the work in for positive change

  • You're committed to taking responsibility for your life

  • Your self-care needs some TLC

  • You're open to learning and exploring new ways of being you

Yes Yes Yes!

I’m here to say, yes, it’s absolutely possible to feel fulfilled, to create and achieve that dream life you desire.

I understand you...

Years ago I was living a life being constantly busy, always doing, never giving myself permission to slow down. I was a people pleaser and perfectionist; constantly working so hard to keep all areas of my life together. Forever feeling as though I was responsible for everybody else’s feelings around me - even over my own. I was exhausted. And then the inevitable happened.

The wheels came right off...

In 2016 I got diagnosed with social anxiety and experienced many panic attacks. I felt vulnerable and scared. Cue years of therapy, training to become a counsellor and coach, endless reading, studying to understand mental health and well-being; these were the seeds that grew and bloomed into She Can Shine™.

A few years later, during gruelling treatment for breast cancer, I deepened my spiritual journey. I awoke a hidden part of me that was always there. A part that gifted me the ability to come fully into my alignment, be peaceful, be joyful and let go of what wasn’t serving me in my life anymore.

This is why I can help you...

My experiences are now my strengths. I’m able to support and guide you using counselling, coaching and spirituality which offers you a powerful, fast and achievable way of becoming the best version of yourself.

We’ll work holistically to look at your life... where you're at now and where you'd like to be... recognising and releasing any limiting beliefs you’re holding onto. You'll be supported in creating healthy intentions as well as gifting you the science-based tools you need to let go of your anxieties and fears so you can work towards your dreams using your strengths.

Consider me your professional accountability soul sister. I'll be on your side, being supportive and understanding while ensuring you're able to explore and implement the changes where they’re really needed in your life.

We'll also create a plan to keep you on track for continued and sustained success after the six weeks of sessions.

Let's begin...

I’m here to help you heal and harmonise your well-being so you can truly love yourself and create a life you love. I’m passionate about inspiring you to lead your life full of purpose, love and abundance. My intention is to support you in letting go of anxiety and fear to find your path for a successful and contented life.

coaching for women

What will I achieve?

  • Feel self-love and acceptance

  • Develop a success mindset

  • Have a clear plan forward with realistic goals

  • Know how to be motivated and inspired in your life

  • Gain confidence and clarity within yourself

  • Empowered to embrace the life you desire

  • Be productive with a healthier work / life balance

  • Learn about your needs and how to get them met

  • Feel fulfilled and hopeful for your future

  • Draw on your intuition and inner resources

  • Understand your emotions and learn how to be guided by them

coaching for women

What's the next step?

All of the 'I'm ready let's do this' buttons on this page take you to a booking page with a secure payment and online calendar to get you all booked in. Get ready for some big shifts!

Let's make this your year to shine

Get Clear and In Control

A 12-week bespoke 1-2-1 coaching programme includes:

  • 1-hour video session (google meet) x 6

  • Unlimited email exchange during programme

  • Gaining clarity and focus on your life

  • Discovering your passions and values

  • Letting go of your limiting beliefs

  • Setting achievable intentions and goals

  • Developing your emotional intelligence and resilience

  • My ultimate spirituality tools to guide you to improved well-being and abundance

  • Working through procrastination, boundaries and motivation

  • Understanding and transforming your anxious thoughts and somatic symptoms using a solution focused framework

Secure your spot now with either a one off investment...

Or Interest FREE Payment Plan Options...

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6 investments of

I get it. You've got questions...

What is holistic therapeutic coaching?

Holistic therapeutic coaching uses a unique blend of therapy, coaching and spirituality to help you get the most out of our sessions together and ultimately - your life!

I draw on all my professional counselling and coaching training as well a spiritual mindset and my own lived experiences which offers a framework for our work together yet also the perfect opportunity to tailor each session for your needs.

Can I book single sessions?

To get the most out of working together, I've designed my unique transformative coaching package to ensure you've got all the tools you need and confidence to continue on your new path.

Once you've completed this bespoke programme, I'm happy to schedule one-off support sessions which we can discuss.

Do you offer concession prices?

The impact holistic therapeutic coaching can have on your life is huge! Consider it a gift and investment for yourself.

You may be able to claim the cost of the programme as expenses for HMRC. It is your responsibility to check your individual circumstances.

I offer payment plans with 0% interest.

Do book a FREE discovery call to have a chat, ask any questions and help you decide if I'm the right coach for you.

Why should I choose you as my coach?

You'll be in really good hands! I hold both a counselling degree and a Fusion therapeutic coaching certificate. I've had years of training and am fully insured for your peace of mind.

Being a registered member of the BACP as well as the BACP Coaching Division lets you know I'm professional and ethical.

I've worked with loads of women to help them get to where they want to be!

I offer a FREE discovery call to get to know each other a little and help you decide if I'm the right coach for you.

What if you can't help me?

It's important to remember that coaching together is a process that takes commitment and work from you to make positive change.

If you KNOW you're open and ready for big shifts, I'm ready to offer you a bridge to a better life.

If you're ready to take the steps and invest in yourself, I'm here for you.

Book in a FREE discovery call if you have questions.

Where do sessions take place?

All coaching work is done safely and securely via Google Meet.

You can be based anywhere in the UK for our sessions.