Hi. I'm Caroline

I help soul-led women overcome anxiety to awaken their full potential & live a purposeful & passionate life.

Let's go from fear to fulfilment!

Anxiety may be the symptom...

  • You're fed up with chronic anxiety & overwhelm
  • You're tired of getting in your own way
  • You've had enough of the never-ending critical & negative thinking patterns
  • You're craving to live with more flow, fun, freedom & fulfilment yet don't know where to begin

Therapeutic Spiritual Coaching can be your solution to...

  • Use a proven framework to understand & manage your anxiety
  • Get clear on your true purpose so you feel aligned & contented
  • Develop your emotional resilience so you can set healthy boundaries & feel in control
  • Recognise & release the fears & limiting beliefs that keep holding you back & playing small
  • Create a life filled with love, abundance & joy so you can shine your brightest

How do I know all this can help you?

Because I see you.

I get you. I was you.

I've been faced with many life challenges.

Through my darkness, I found light.

As a professional counsellor, therapeutic coach with a spiritual awakening, I'm now living my best life*.

It's my purpose to share my soul gifts with you.

I trust that you've found me for a reason. You desire some big changes.

You’re ready. I’m ready to support you. Let’s begin...

*My definition of 'best life' means living life to the fullest, being true, intentional & joyful. Also knowing the tools to support yourself when life feels tough. It doesn't mean toxic positivity & always pretending to be happy ;-)

Here's the ways we can...

Work Together

1-2-1 Coaching

Using a special framework that uniquely connects coaching, spirituality & counselling.

This transformational shift gets the results you desire by recognising & releasing anxiety & limiting beliefs to focus on your intentions & how to live best life.

We work together to bring your body, mind & soul into alignment so you can shine you brightest!

She Can Shine Coaching

Introducing The She Can Shine System™. The complete e-learning course that covers literally everything I know that has transformed the lives of me & my clients.

It's combined with

bi-weekly group coaching video calls for 6 months where the magic of combined wisdom & skills is amplified. The most powerful way to revolutionise your life!

Online Courses

Want to progress on your journey in areas such as mindfulness, spirituality & overcoming anxiety?

Want to feel liberated from negative thought patterns to become your number one fan?

Want to be bursting with compassion, love & acceptance for yourself?

Want to feel supported yet go at your own pace?

Then my self-study digital courses are for you!

The Anxious Spiritual Seekers Guide to Living your Best Life

Helping you rethink anxiety and attract your dream life

  • Feel the Love...

"I'm delighted with the results of committing to work with Caroline. The very nature of my anxiety and procrastination meant that in itself was a huge obstacle to overcome and I'm so proud of myself to have done that with Caroline's support. "

"Caroline was empathetic, welcoming and made me feel instantly comfortable. I greatly benefited from her care and attention. The sessions we had together seemed to fly by and I felt encouraged and empowered to make some positive changes which helped my home/work life balance immensely."

"The warmth and kindness of Caroline and what she offers is amazing. I'm so glad I chose to make a commitment to myself to live a better life and with the sessions I've had, I now feel I can. Thanks Caroline!"

"Sessions with Caroline encouraged me to explore my feelings and thoughts without judgement. I felt heard, supported and empowered to take care of myself."

"The support and guidance I got from Caroline truly changed my life. I felt she really understood me and helped me open my mind to new possibilities."

"I reached out for support in a time that was a transition for me, with lots of uncertainties and questions to reflect on. Caroline provided me with a space to express my doubts and learn how to better handle changes and transitions. Her support was essential for me to move on to a next phase of my life."

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