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Caroline Harland She Can Shine Counselling for Women London

Hello, I’m Caroline

I provide a professional counselling & coaching service for women. I’ll support you through life’s challenges to enhance your emotional & spiritual well-being.

As your counsellor, I’m here to support you with any issues you choose; this can be a healing process that enables you to feel heard, understood & offers fresh insights into your challenges. Counselling is a good way to explore your emotions, helping create a more authentic you that feels calmer & more harmonious.

As your therapeutic coach, I’m here to help you focus on ways you can be empowered to recognise & release any limiting beliefs you may have that are holding you back from achieving your goals to thrive. We’ll use a proven framework including CBT & mindfulness to get the results you desire & a life you truly love.

In both counselling & coaching, I trust in the power of creating a therapeutic relationship with you that supports healing & growth & that by working together can make the changes you need to shine your brightest.

Sessions currently via zoom or phone


She Can Shine Women's Counselling Therapy Service London


Counselling can support you in feeling more insightful & better able to cope with even the most difficult times. It creates a safe space for you to be heard & understood with whatever you choose. 

Being able to easily access the support you need is so important, after all, your well-being is so very precious. That’s why I offer day, evening & weekend sessions to fit around your schedule.

Whether it’s temporary due to COVID or your preference for all sessions, working together online can offer the support you need. Let’s create a special place to discover & explore what you need for your mind, body & soul to thrive.

She Can Shine Women's coaching Therapy Service London


Therapeutic coaching at She Can Shine™ combines both therapy & coaching, as well as offering all the science-based tools needed to recognise & release your limiting beliefs & the ways to work towards your dreams.

This special & successful way of working together blends person-centred theory with psycho-education, NLP, CBT, mindfulness & The Human Givens approach. All of which come together to offer you a powerful, fast & achievable way of becoming the best version of yourself.

Together, we can turn your ideal life into reality by helping you achieve goals that embody positive health, harmony & happiness so you can truly shine.

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